Cover N.A.T. (No Animal Testing) - Caterpillar


Caterpillar actually is like a two sided vinyl album.  The front face (or side) merges dark vocals with downtempo electronics. The second face features beat-driven / clubby instrumental tracks. It´s like a good evening with friends: You start with talking to and listening to friends, after that you go clubbing – dancing all by yourself.


Doing is always testing: N.A.T. (No Animal Testing) combine influences from dark electro, tech house, and alternative. But in fact they are influenced by everything. With their love for beats, they sometimes underestimate the need for melodies. But most of the times for good. Just listen.

N.A.T. are Joerg Hoewner and Chris Brackmann (the latter responsible for visuals), supported by their respective female partners (A. for weird synth melodies, and K. for some weird lyrics). N.A.T., formerly known as „The Jesus Incident“, has been producing music since for decades and were featured by radio shows all over Europe. N.A.T. is based in Berlin and Essen, Germany.

  • Release dateDezember 18, 2015
  • CatalogEE015
  • LabelEndlich Elektro Recordings
  • FormatDigital