misplaced, abandoned is a downtempo electronic album whose genotype has an unmistakable old school vibe.

The use of analogue sound generators underline the reference to the past and build a bridge to the present. Under the surface of hopeless clumsy mechanical beats and cliche vocoder voices oscillates a feeling of loss, disorientation and emptiness. The album misplaced, abandoned is about imagined absence of confidence, break out of isolation and the overcoming of fear.


When I got in touch with my first synthesizer in the early 90th I was immediately amazed by the possibilities of this marvelous alien instrument. The name alone … synthesizer … was a promise of the future, it sounded like cities of glass.

Since that time I am fascinated by electronic music devices. Without any musical background I was sucked into the world of oscillators, filters and modulators. And with my computer I was the leader and conductor of an electronic orchestra. Those machines obeyed my mighty sequence commands within a touch of a button. 25 years later I am still in contact with the machines. They are not that shiny anymore and the promise of the future vanished to a rational realization of the present that these instruments and their concepts are now a kind of electronic dinosaurs, threatened by extinction. They were grown and they will ever be a part of me.

  • Release dateAugust 29, 2012
  • CatalogEE011
  • LabelEndlich Elektro Recordings
  • FormatDigital, CD